About Vascrypto

Vascrypto was founded in 2016 as a US based fund management company regulated by the English,Welsh(Wales)and Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySec),we have succeded in setting up an amazing cryptocurrency trading platform with the latest financial investment trading apps just developed and top notch market analysts brought all together under our umbrella to maximize profits for our investors. We currently have 3,000+ members and over $35 million in Funds/Assets under management. YES! WE ARE GLOBAL!!! Well Yes,you might have heard a few whispers that we're just a small company trying to come out the shadows,looking for a big break,but those are from people who knew us yesterday. Cryptocurrency already did that for us. We started small which we never deny, but now our network is going global,with presence in 3 continents and counting which makes us a force to reckon with in the investment community. Vascrypto Trades also views client service as the other pillar to sustain success. We strive to respond to client inquiries and provide excellent portfolio analytics in a timely, professional and transparent manner. We will also be providing commentary and little interactive sections on our recent thoughts, findings and predictions on the cryptocurrency markets (Please note that all posts that shall be shared on this section of the Vascrypto platform is not what the company trades on,Vascrypto shall NOT be held liable for any loss encountered by anyone that uses our analysis to trade privately for him/herself).

What we offer

Daily Earning

We increase your investments with 1.6% - 2% daily, with your refferal bonus all in one.

Live support

Vascrypto provides one of the best live support system 24 hours.

24 Hours Service

We are always at your service to increase your investments.

our pricing

$50 - $49999

  • ROI: 1.2%
  • Referral Bonus - 5%
  • Total ROI: 501.60%
  • Payout - 418 working days

$50000 - $199999

  • ROI: 1.4%
  • Referral Bonus - 10%
  • Total ROI: 600%
  • Payout - 418 working days

$200000 +

  • ROI: 1.6%
  • Referral Bonus - 20%
  • Total ROI: 704%
  • Payout - 440 working days








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