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Vascrypto was founded in 2016 as a US based fund management company regulated by the English,Welsh(Wales)and Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySec),we have succeded in setting up an amazing cryptocurrency trading platform with the latest financial investment trading apps just developed and top notch market analysts brought all together under our umbrella to maximize profits for our investors. We currently have 3,000+ members and over $35 million in Funds/Assets under management. YES! WE ARE GLOBAL!!! Well Yes,you might have heard a few whispers that we're just a small company trying to come out the shadows,looking for a big break,but those are from people who knew us yesterday. Cryptocurrency already did that for us. We started small which we never deny, but now our network is going global,with presence in 3 continents and counting which makes us a force to reckon with in the investment community. Vascrypto Trades also views client service as the other pillar to sustain success. We strive to respond to client inquiries and provide excellent portfolio analytics in a timely, professional and transparent manner. We will also be providing commentary and little interactive sections on our recent thoughts, findings and predictions on the cryptocurrency markets (Please note that all posts that shall be shared on this section of the Vascrypto platform is not what the company trades on,Vascrypto shall NOT be held liable for any loss encountered by anyone that uses our analysis to trade privately for him/herself). The sole aim of the Vascrypto interactive section is to help enlighten clients and help cultivate our clients relationship into trusted partnerships. But that's not all… the growth of what we now see and know as Vascrypto can be attributed to the massive growth of the startup scene,with huge thanks to the cryptocurrency market,that's why in the year 2017 we expanded our areas of expertise from not just forex trading but also to trading cryptocurrencies as Binary Options, Cryptocurrency mining and partnering with various cryptocurrency startup mines to meet the various demands of the modern day market. We have also come to realize that our clients love the idea of multiple streams of income from one source, So to make sure we can help anyone, not minding their location, whatever their idea, we have plans and solutions that matches your budgets and can aslo help your earn with our wonderful affiliate program you can't find anywhere else. But some things stay the same…,such as 
Fierce commitment to transparency, accountability and understandable reporting for our customers, continues to be the heart of the business and the decisions we make and what we are recognized for. We have well experienced experts in trading Forex and Asset management doing professional awesome jobs in risk management which is a serious business to us because over at Vascrypto we strive to attain maximum customer satisfaction. Whether Client or Affiliate Vascrypto is building the future of the financial market and we are interested in increasing our fund assets, and so we offer our clients a mouth watering referral system that offers good commissions for main deposit received. Referral system is optional,just a meaans to earn more,so dont get pissed off when another investor makes more money than you when both of you invested the same amount. This part is up to you alone and has nothing to do with the company,as we've mentioned earlier,we operate on a strict transparency policy,and our Referral system potrays just that. This in NO way implies you have to start referring 24/7 after investing with Vascrypto to earn the big numbers,you can kick your feet up while we do that for you. Like we said earlier,Referral system encourages clients to make our service more popular and make money from it too by becoming an Investor and Partner with the company. Our referral system is unique as it opens up Unlimited opportunities for all our investors if taken advantage of. We have successfully set up a wonderful affiliate program(Please note that this is different from the referral program) for our registered affiliates who cannot afford our minimum start up plan to benefit from our affiliate program. So you can work for us for a while,get paid and still invest with us if you decide to. Dont be scared we will never hold your decision to invest with us or not against you We decided to stop expensive marketing and advertising, and create an exclusive automated affiliate downline, focused on providing the very best services and care to our members. Rewarding our registered members for being our best advertisement. We have a trusted proven automated system to track record of all affiliates and their payments. Most of our new business now comes from valued, personal referrals provided by our happy investors and registered members Every and anyone can be involved in investing and simultaneously participate in our referral system, or simply be an affiliate partner and build your own business while being partners with a successful investment company. The participation in the referral system implies referring new clients to Cash Yield through a personal referral link. Each client can find a referral partner link in their dashboard.

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